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Want to learn the simple life hack that only the most successful people in the world are aware of?

“Do something that scares the shit out of you every day."

Simple right? Too many people in life play it ‘safe.’ The problem with ‘safe’ is that ‘safe’ usually gets you nowhere near to where you really want to be. A person’s success in life is usually measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations that they are willing to engage in.

The most fearful moments in our lives are usually the ones that will separate us from the mediocre mouth breathers that surround you in this world. The day always belongs to the boldest amongst us. It’s ok to be scared of certain situations. In fact, you could be scared for 99.9999% of your life, but for that one moment, for that mere .0001% of your life that you choose to be fearless. That 20 seconds when you decide to act on your inner fear. That 20 seconds it takes you to:

Make that difficult call
Ask that difficult question
Have that difficult conversation
Talk to that person you’re attracted to
Pitch your ambitious idea
Tell someone you love them
Quit that shitty job
Start that world-changing business

When it comes to the things we fear doing, just remember that the most difficult part is always the mind games you play with yourself before you act on it.  So tell your inner voice to shut up. You will no longer be ruled by fear. You will no longer fill your mind with lingering doubts about who you are and what you’re worth. Because at the end of the day every fear you have in your head is made up by you and you alone. Get out of your comfort zone and say to yourself “fuck it.” Go for it. It won’t kill you. Change your mindset to realize that everything that is outside of your comfort zone is actually quite safe. Life is too short to spend it being afraid of everything. 30 years from now your biggest regret will be the fact that you never acted out on any of your unfounded self-imposed fears. Repeat after me. “Fuck it!”