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Never By Selection. Always by Choice

The CHSN 1 Journey

It all starts with you. It always starts with you. Make a choice

The CHSN1 brand is a lifestyle. It's active streetwear for all day, every day. It's street, it's gym, it's design, fashion and music. Those are all the things that inspire us everyday. Although the brand expands into these different spaces, everything we do is planted in the spirit of hard work and not giving up. It's always about making a choice in life to get what you want, to do what you say you're going to do and not stop till you get it. It's about being able to say you gave it your best and didn't leave anything on the table. Giving it your all into what you do, having no regrets and making no excuse. The chosen ones always choose themselves. That's the CHSN1 lifestyle.
#neverbyselection #alwaysbychoice is our CHSN1 motto

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